Our Clients

Osteopathie Remy Pelletier

Remy Pelletier is an osteopath based in Montreal. He needed a fully responsive website that he could easily modify. Once we built his website we gave him a full tutorial on how he could do modifications.



Kind is Kool Kids

sConstance is a children’s book author and illustrator. She also makes presentations of her books in front of young audiences. As an artist, Constance has specific tastes about how she wants her website. She is not very technical so she contact us when she wants to modify anything on her website and we do it very quickly for her.



ME/CFS Calgary

This organization is based in Calgary and was looking for a website to bring people together. They want to be able to do basic modifications to their site. We did give them a full tutorial on how to proceed to modifications. We are happy to say we did give them a special rate to support them.